October 8 Stack 3.0 Tournament

Our charities are hosting a Stack 3.0 Tournament with a $5,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool on Saturday, October 8th at 4:00pm at the VFW in West Chicago, IL. AND – You can earn 10,000 bonus chips when you register online!

Your pre-registration for The Stack 3.0 Tournament includes: 40,000 in Starting Chips ($100), 10,000 Add-On (Additional $5), 10,000 Pre-Registration Bonus (FREE), 60,000 in Total Starting Chips.


General Rules:

  1. Each level will last fifteen (15) minutes for the first 10 levels
  2. Every level after 10 will last twenty (20) minutes
  3. Players will start with $40,000 in tournament chips
  4. Players may buy a $5 add on for an additional $10,000 in tournament chips
  5. Re-entries are permitted through the end of level 5 (including break)
  6. Ten Minute break at the end of each 5 levels
  7. Payout structure based on number of entries: one spot per table opened plus one
  8. $1 per player will be kept for the current promotion
  9. The hosting charity reserves the right to change or cancel tournaments
  10. Winners will be paid in chips
  11. All players must have a valid ID in order to cash in a tournament

Click here to view full structure sheet.