Sit N Go Survivor

The Sit N Go Survivor is a single table tournament with a twist.  

  • $40 Buy in with an optional $5 add on for addtional chips
  • Each Player starts with 3000 in chips + 3000 in chips for a total of 6k in chips with the add on
  • $350* prize pool!
  • The blinds will go up every 12 mins
  • The Tournament will last only 60 mins! (five levels)
  • The blinds will go up as follows:
    • 100/200
    • 150/300
    • 200/400
    • 300/600
    • 400/800
  • ONLY the Survivors of the Tournament will win a percentage of the prize pool!
  • There will be a possible 60k total in chips (in a 10 person sit n go), players will earn a % of the prize pool based on how many chips they have compared to the total number of chips in play.  For example, if you have 12,000 in chips you would have 20% of the chips in play and would receive 20% of the total prize pool or $70 in a 10 man Sit N Go.  If you had 50% of the chips in play (30,000) you would win 50% of the prize pool or $175.  There is no minimum cash paid out to any players.  If a player has 600 in chips that would equal 1% of the total chips in play or $3.50.  The payouts are based solely on the amount of chips in play.
  • There is no minimum cash for each player~ meaning if you have only 1% of the chips you will only receive 1% of the prize pool.

The Sit N Go Survivor Series is a fun and new way for players to play in a tournament that is fast and on a certain time table.  We see these Sit N Go’s going off regularly between scheduled Multi Table Tournaments.  I hear so many times that I am just going to wait for the Deepstack to start… now you don’t have to wait because you know exactly how long this sit n go is going to run and how much you can win!

*Based on a 10 person field

Tired of the same old Sit N Go Tournaments…
Play the Sit N Go Survivor and see if you have what it takes to be a survivor!

Ten Player Structure:  

  • $350 Prize Pool
  • 12 min levels
  • 60 Min Clock

Five Player Structure: 

  • $175 Prize Pool
  • 8 min levels
  • 40 Min Clock