Mini CSOP 2018

2018 Mini CSOP: Chicago Series of Poker Points List:

CCG Poker and its hosting charities are giving away 10 free seats into the 2018 Mini CSOP $365 MAIN EVENT Tournament with a $15,000 minimum guaranteed prize pool.  The winners of Event #1, 5 and 14 will be given a FREE Mini CSOP Main Event seat. FIVE Seats will be given away to our top 5 finishers on the Mini CSOP points list.  The last TWO seats will be given away via a single table free roll tournament for players finishing 6th through 15th on the Mini CSOP points list. & the Hosting Charities will add $3,000 to the prize pool of the Main Event to cover all the free seats given away as part of the 2018 Mini CSOP Chicago Series of Poker free seat Promotion. Click here for Mini CSOP Tournament Structure Sheets.

2018 Mini CSOP Points
Green= Free $365 Seat
Blue= Sit n Go Top 2 Win Free $365 Seat
1 Audrius Macenis 530
2 Krzysztof Karpiel 300
3 Michael Granata 300
4 Jeremy Kloeckner 290
5 Scott Coppens 250
6 Ed Funk 200
7 Aurimas Janusonis 200
8 Michael Michaud 180
9 Robert Peppe 170
10 Martin Berman 160
11 Gerald Heath 155
12 Diego Andrade 150
13 Mila Reyngold 140
14 Sorin Marinca 140
15 Rick Crystal 130
16 Steven Poblocki 125
17 Brian Kouba 125
18 Walter Grady 120
19 John Bitakis 105
20 Eric George 100
21 Clint Swims 100
22 Dominica Fashoda 95
23 Dennis Pitts 95
24 Stephen Bradley 95
25 Jenny Cegielski 90
26 Kent Henley 90
27 Undaraa Naranbileg 90
28 Luis Ramirez 80
29 Richard Gregory 75
30 Robin James 70
31 Eric Marsden 65
32 Nancy Deng 65
33 Thomas Kalies 60
34 Robert Lowe 60
35 Matthew Cosby 50
36 David Pierce 50
37 David Dalke 50
38 Ron Pikul 50
39 Tim Thompson 50
40 Billy P. 45
41 Anthony Rackauskas 45
42 Daniel Haynes 45
43 John Basile 45
44 Henri Nawracki 40
45 Roy Minkus 40
46 Rudy Patitucci 30
47 Greg Michaud 30
48 Jacob Nance 30
49 James Snyder 30
50 Mauricio Rodriguez 30

Finish in the top five of any 2018 Mini CSOP Event.  Points cannot be changed by the players, or used in a chop of a tournament.  If the top two players chop the tournament, they will chop the points.
NO points will be changed if the mistake is more than one week old, unless authorized by Ken OR if a player has received too many points which can be corrected at any time.  Players should check that their points are correct on the Monday update of the points list.  It is the players responsibility to make sure their points are correct on the list.
FREEROLL RULES:  Only players finishing 6-15 will be allowed to play in this freeroll.  The FREEROLL will be 6pm on March 16th at Toyota Park in Bridgeview. All chip stacks will be put out at the start of the freeroll and blinded off. Players will have until the end of the first break to claim their free seat, or else their chips will be removed from play.
If there is a tie on the points list, the players will play a HEADS UP Sudden Death match.  2k in chips, 5 min levels, 60 min timer winner take all. *If there is not a winner after the 60 min clock the player with the most chips will be declared the winner.