Cash Games

TEXT 630-901-9797 to get on the cash game wait list

The hosting charity will offer most cash games if there is enough player interest.

All cash poker games are played with eight players at each table. Please sign up at the registration table for the next available cash game.

$1-3NLH is the most popular cash game played at charitable games events. Games subject to change at an event without notice.

Cash Games start are available from the start of each event. 2pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, NOON on Sundays. 

Text 630-901-9797 to get on the Cash Game Wait List:
Call-in players will be removed from the list after one hour unless they have checked in at the charity bank.

No Limit Cash Games

$1-$1 blinds $25 min $100 max (5pm-6pm start time)
$1-$3 blinds $100 min $400 max (start of every event)
$2-$5 blinds $100 min Table Capt max (Sundays at 5pm)

Pot Limit Omaha

$1-$2-$5 Pot Limit Omaha $100 min to $1,000 or Table Max Buy In (Thursday & Friday 3pm-5pm start time)

Cash games will be opened based on the demand for that game, you can always ask a volunteer at the charity bank where the next cash game will be, and how you can get a seat. The doors will open and registration will be available for all games played a half hour before the scheduled start of the charitable event.

Limit Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, Razz and Other Games available upon request.

If you would like to play an offered game, but at a different limit please let your dealer or a floor host know. If you are wondering what games are playing, go to the cash game section registration board, someone will seat you ASAP.