Multi-Table Poker Tournaments

Weekly Tournament Schedule

Please note that our regular tournament schedule may be disrupted by special event tournaments. All tournaments are No Limit Hold'em unless otherwise noted in the tournament details. For tournament dates & locations, please visit our Event Calendar.

CHICAGO CHARITABLE GAMES uses the TDA Poker Rules for all of its tournaments. 
PDF of TDA Tournament Poker Rules

Always look at each event page for exact tournament times and structures. Tournament dates and structures are subject to change.



What is a Multi-Table Tournament?

Players start multi-table poker tournaments with a fixed number of chips and play until one player has all the chips. Blinds and antes increase as the tournament progresses, and as players are eliminated tables are consolidated together. The number of tables is eventually reduced to one final table which is composed of the top table winners of the field.

The total sum of all the entry fees is divided up and awarded to the top players in accordance to the total amount of entries for the poker tournament. The hosting charity will keep 20%-25% of the buy in or less. For example the $300+$30 GOLDSTRIKE Tournament has a $300 entry fee with a $30 fee which goes to the hosting charity. The $20 Early Bird Tournament is a normal 25% to the hosting charity, therefore $15 would go to the prize pool and $5 would go to the hosting charity.

This is typically indicated on the multi-table poker tournament detail page by ($15+$5), this would be a $20 tournament with $15 going to the prize pool and $5 going to the hosting charity. If you have any questions on Multi-Table tournaments please feel free to click on the contact us tab at the top of this page and someone will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

Please check out the FAQ section of the website if you have any further questions about Multi-Table Poker Tournaments or please feel free to click on the Contact Us tab at the top of this page and someone will respond to your email as soon as possible…