About Chicago Charitable Games

A charity poker company helping Chicagoland charities raise money through poker since 2006.

Chicago Charitable Games (CCG POKER) is a weekend charity poker event planning company dedicated to promoting the best events in town that are geared towards the best poker player’s needs.  There are poker games and poker tournaments to fulfill every poker player’s dreams, from the serious experts out there, to the newbie’s getting ready to cut their teeth!

If you are looking for LOW Stakes Poker Tournaments and all types of No Limit Cash Games in and around Chicago, then Chicago Charitable Games is the charity poker company for you.   Daily Poker Tournaments typically run between $20 and $100 with monthly poker tournaments ranging from $200-$500!

Chicago Charitable Games is a charity poker company that helps local and national charities market successful charitable poker nights.  Chicago Charitable Games is dedicated to marketing charitable organizations charity poker events without sacrificing the needs of charity poker players.  We here at CCG know that the poker players are what drive these charitable events.  Chicago Charitable Games understands that the hosting charities do not need to take an unfair amount of rake or charitable cost in order to have the most profitable charity poker night possible.  Chicago Charitable Games will make sure that the hosting charities will understand the importance of happy charity poker players and will do all it can to promote the fairness of the game, market enjoyable poker nights, and work with its players to “continually promote the best games in town”, says Mike P. from Chicago.

Chicago Charitable Games is a family owned business that is dedicated to marketing the most successful charity poker events. We are a family that is working hard to improve the game of poker and promoting the most successful charity poker nights in Chicago and all of Illinois.

Chicago Charitable Games works exclusively with several locations and suppliers in and around Chicago.  We promise the hosting charities will offer more tournaments and better poker structures

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