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Here’s what you need to know about Chicago Charitable Games

Chicago Charitable Games (CCG) is a Marketing and Event Planning Company dedicated to charitable games events. Chicago Charitable Games has been working with non for profits promoting their charity poker events since 2006. We currently promote over 160 charity poker events each year, and work with a wide range of of charitable organizations.


Chicago Charitable Games guarantees its partnering charities that they cannot lose money at their event . If an event is upside down (expenses are not covered by the money raised at the event) CCG will donate to the hosting charity whatever amount is necessary to bring our partner charity to it’s break even point. With Chicago Charitable Games there is never any risk to our partnering charities. 

Chicago Charitable Games is not a licensed equipment supplier or premise license holder, but we do work with several different charitable games license holders to ensure the best pricing for our hosting charities. We negotiate with all of our events and groups in mind, which means we can leverage that group buying power to get our partners the best price possible. We are not negotiating for a one off event, we are building relationships with vendor’s to ensure our hosting charities can maximize every dollar raised at their events. Chicago Charitable Games will market your charitable games event to our list of charity poker players. We have over 15K email newsletter subscribers, 7.5K fans on Facebook, 2K followers on Twitter, 300 subscribers on Youtube and 400 followers on Instagram. Chicago Charitable Games has the biggest reach on Social Media out of any charity poker promoter in the Midwest. We pride ourselves on being able to promote our partnering charities on so many platforms. CCG specializes in social media marketing to maximize the amount of Chicagoland poker players at your event, and ultimately your bottom line.



  • Each charity poker event takes place at a licensed venue either rented or owned by the hosting charity (you do not need a premise license if you are hosting the event in your own facility).
  • The Charity will rent all the equipment necessary for hosting a charitable games event from our licensed equipment supplier. For a normal event, the all inclusive price, including the group discount given to CCG hosting charities is $295.
  • During the event No Limit Texas Hold’em (NLH) Poker Tournaments and Cash Games are offered. The hosting charity receives a portion of every poker game played.
  • A percentage of each tournament buy in goes to the hosting charity. Typically 10-25% of the tournament buy in is kept by the hosting charity, also called the rake. The smaller the buy in the larger the % kept for the charity. For example, in the $20 early bird the hosting charity keeps $5 of the $20 buy in or 25%, but in a $330 tournament the hosting charity keeps $30 of the $330 buy in or 09% of the total buy in. The portion of the tournament buy in kept by the hosting charity is denoted in each tournament description. $40 ($30+$10) Big Bird Tournament. This means that $30 goes into the prize pool (what the players are playing for) and $10 per person is what the hosting charity will profit from that tournament.
  • The portion of the money kept by the hosting charity in each hand is 10% of the poker “pot”, with a maximum of five dollars taken from each hand.

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Chicago Charitable Games is dedicated to promoting charity poker events in the greater Chicagoland area. We strive to maximize our hosting charities profits, while keeping our dedicated poker players in mind. Charity Poker with CCG is a WIN/WIN for poker players and non for profits alike.

If you have more questions, need specifics or want to sign up as a hosting charity with Chicago Charitable Games Please contact CCG by calling our CEO/President Ken Kaulen at 630-901-9797 or fill out the contact form below. Thank you!

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