Single Table Chicago Poker Tournaments

Also known as the Sit-N-Go Tournament

Chicago Charitable Games and its hosting charities are bringing you the tournaments that you want…which we like to believe are the best Single Table Chicago Poker Tournaments. The single table Chicago poker tournaments are also known as SnG’s or Sit-N-Go Tournaments. Each Tournament will start with 7 players, and will leave 3 spots open for late entrants, for a total of 10 players.
*The prize pool below will reflect a full 10 player SNG (the payouts will be adjusted if a SNG does not fill up with 10 players)

Sit N Go’s run on demand at every event starting at 2pm:

$25 Single Tournament

2,000 Starting Stack
Optional 1,000 Add-On for $5
10 Minute Blinds

$130 for 1st Place
$70 for 2nd Place
(Indicated by the Red Balloons)

$55 Single Tournament

4,000 Starting Stack
Optional 2,000 Add-On for $5
12-Minute Blinds

$310 for 1st Place
$140 for 2nd Place
(Indicated by the Green Balloons)

$115 Single Tournament

6,000 Starting Stack
Optional 4,000 Add-On for $5
15-Minute Blinds

$700 for 1st Place
$300 for 2nd Place

(Inquire at the Bank)