At every CCG poker event during the week of April 15th through April 18th at the Hilton Garden Inn Lake Forest/Mettawa the hosting charity and CCG will giveaway $200 cash just for playing. All you have to do is be playing in a No Limit Holdem (NLH) cash game within a half-hour of the start time of the event, and you qualify for the drawing.

Rules and Regulations:

  • the drawing is at 4pm on Thursday, Friday & Saturday
  • the drawing is at 2pm on Sunday’s
  • You must be playing within a half-hour of the start time of the event to qualify
    • 2:30pm on Thursday, Friday & Saturday
    • 12:30pm on Sunday’s
  • Players cannot miss two rounds of blinds during the promo time (the 90 mins prior to the drawing)
  • Players can choose to “chop up” the promo if they so choose
  • the game must start 3 handed at full rake (10% up to $5 + $1 promo) by 2:30pm/12:30pm in order for the promo drawing to be given away.  If there is no cash game running within a half-hour of the start of the event, there will be no drawing.

Any questions please contact Ken at:
63-0-901-9797 or