Twice a day the hosting charity will give away $200 for the HIGH HAND at 7 pm and Midnight at EVERY EVENT! That is $400 per event given away to our cash game players, just for playing in a cash game at CCG poker. Please click on our Promos page to see all of the current player promotions. 

Rules and Regulations:
Players must use both cards to qualify.
You cannot make QUADS without a pocket pair.
The pot has to be a minimum of $20 to qualify. 
You must win the pot in order to qualify for the high hand.
The High Hand resets daily at the start of the event and after the 7 pm drawing.
You must have your high hand-verified by the floor.
The hand must finish and verified before 7pm and 12am respectively.
In order for your hand to qualify for the drawing, it must finish prior to 7pm to qualify for the 7pm giveaway or 12am to for the 12am drawing.

You must be present to collect your high-hand payout. THIS PROMO IS GOOD FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE, 2022