CCG poker and its hosting charities will now be offering $1-2 NLH and $2-5 NLH cash games at all charity poker events starting January 6th, 2023.

Why the change? 
The $1-3 cash game was designed to split the difference between $1-2 and $2-5 players.  Like any good compromise, it leaves no one truly happy. $1-2 players are forced to play a bigger cash game, $2-5 players are playing down in stakes and the $1-1 players are lost in the shuffle (funny poker pun ?).  Plus, when CCG switched over to $1-3 there were no other $1-3 cash games in town. All the casinos were playing $1-2 or $2-5 and we could offer a different experience for local charity poker players. I believe the $1-2 game will cover a bigger market of poker players, and create more games/action in the long run. 

I do not make changes lightly, but I believe that this update will make cash game players across the board much happier. The smaller stakes players at CCG now have a place to play… $1-2 NLH $50 minimum buy-in to $300 max buy-in. While the bigger players can now enjoy $2-5 NLH $300 min to $800 max buy-in.

No Limit Cash Games played 8-handed:
~ $1-$2 blinds $50 min $300 max
~ $2-$5 blinds $300 min $800 max

Do I need to text or call in to reserve a seat? 
NO, cash game seats are offered to our players on a first come first serve basis. In order to get onto the cash game waitlist you must register in person. Starting January 5th, 2023 you no longer need or are able to text/call in to get on the list. The covid restrictions and wait times that made the call-in list necessary are not longer valid. The wait list for cash game players is never more than three players because once we reach four on the list a new game starts. However, you can always text (630) 901-9797 to see what games are running and if there is a list or open seats.

How long are the wait times? 
The waitlist is never more than three players long at CCG poker. If the cash game wait list hits four players a new game will be opened up. The only way the list will grow to more than four players is if all tables are in use.

Will you offer $1-1 NLH?
The small-stakes cash game players were lost during the pandemic and how it affected charity poker events. With the $1-2 NLH cash game being a $50 minimum buy in, this should open up more spots for the smaller stakes players looking to have fun in a cash game without breaking the bank. $1-1 may be dead, but $1-2 is a heck of a good substitute.

Cash Game Rake Change: 
$1-2 NLH cash games will remain at 10% of the pot or $5+$1 max rake. However, $2-5 NLH cash games will now be 10% of the pot or $6+$1 max rake.

Special Live Stream Cash Games: 
CCG poker and its hosting charities will offer a special live-streamed cash game featured on the CCG poker TV table. This is an invite-only game, but we are always interested in auditioning for new players. We are looking for fun, exciting players that make for good TV. If you are interested in playing on the CCG poker TV live stream please text Ken at (630) 901-9797. ~ $5-$5 blinds $500 min to Table Captain (special live stream game invite only)

If there are any questions about the new cash games offered please feel free to contact CCG poker via Social Media, email or text.  Thank you for choosing CCG poker as your charity poker place to play in the Chicago land area. #ccgpoker #teamccg