The 2023 $5 TITAN Tournament will be from Thursday, April 27th through Sunday, April 30th at the Clarion Hotel in Joliet.
⫸ April 27th – 29th are Day 1 events
⫸ April 30th is Day 2 conclusion

$50 ($40+$10) buy in per entry
+ $5 optional add on
+ $20 ($15+$5) optional break add on

The Titan is a Multi-Day tournament over four days with multiple Day 1 flights and unlimited re-entry. The top 10% of each flight will advance to Day 2 with their chip stacks. Players who advance to day 2 from multiple flights will combine their chip stacks and receive a min cash payout for each bag they combine.

There are 12 flights between Day 1A, Day 1B & Day 1C:

Thursday Flights: 2pm, 4pm, 6:30pm & 9pm
Friday Flights: 2pm, 4pm, 6:30pm & 9pm
Saturday Flights:2pm, 4pm, 6:30pm 9pm
Sunday DAY 2 Restart at 1pm

$50 TITAN Tournament Details: 
6k starting stack (with add on)
$20 Break Add on will be 5K after level 5.
Registration will be open until the start of level 6
levels 1-5 go up every 12 mins
levels 6-10 go up every 15 mins
levels 11 and up go to 20 mins
Day 2 blinds will be 30 mins levels & FINAL table at 40mins

The FINAL DAY starts Sunday April 30th at 1pm
only the top 10% from each flight advance to DAY 2
everyone who makes Day 2 will be in the money
you advance to Day 2 with your Day 1 chip stack
Chip totals will be posted after each Day 1.

10% of the field will advance.
We will round up on the fives.  For example, if there are 24 players in the field two will advance.  If there is 25 players the top three will advance to Day 2.

Players who advance to Day 2 more than once: will combine chip stacks and receive last place money for the spot that they have “given up”, and will play out their combined stack.

DAY 2 starting blind level: because each flight will end on a different level, to ensure maximum stack playability Day 2 blinds will be rolled back to level 11. This is to help stack size on Day 2 regardless of your flight size or how many levels you have already played.

If you have any questions on the $50 TITAN please feel free to contact Ken at 630-9041-9797 or email

2023 Titan Countdown!