4 poker tips to take your game to a new level:

Are you having a hard time registering good profits at poker tables? Are your results from poker games best described as mediocre or somewhere in the break even range? Well, you can take comfort in the fact that it’s not just you that needs help in saving their bankroll as the majority of poker players have these types of results. However, you can turn around things by making minor strategy adjustments to your game, and go from mediocrity to amazing!

Consistently follow these 4 poker tips and yours might be the bet of the day every time you sit down to play at a poker table!

Think in terms of ranges and not hands
The quickest way to distinguish between elite and average poker players is by understanding how they perceive their opponents’ hands. While average poker players constantly try to nail others on specific hands, advanced-level poker players are always thinking based on ranges.

A range can be termed as all kinds of hands a player can possibly have in a specific situation. For instance, the concerned player might have a draw, middle pair, top pair, flush, ace high, bottom pair or an all-out bluff. Good poker players can quickly calculate the entire range of hands in their head and play their moves accordingly. You should always think about the possible range of your opponents’ hands to increase your winning chances. The recent $8.1m WSOP winner, Scott Blumstein, sharpened such skills online, and won such a major event!

Let go of your favorite hands
Many people have the tendency of playing only certain kinds of hands. So, every time they get dealt suited cards like 7c 9c, their eyes light up with hope of a straight flush. However, if you look closely, it’s a fairly mediocre hand. Although it might make sense to go ahead with it if you’re in late position, you should always be folding such hand from an early position.

It’s alright if you’re used to playing your favorite hands, as is the case with majority of the people. But what’s important is that you don’t always give preferential treatment to them. Winning at poker is mostly about hard logic and mathematics, and zero superstition.

Be consistent with your strategy
Another important tip to register regular good profits at poker is by being consistent with a winning strategy. You shouldn’t change things suddenly just because you’re feeling tilted or bored. Normally, good poker players apply their years of experience, study and knowledge to play every poker hand the most profitable way they can. It will all be for nothing if you don’t apply your learnings on every single poker hand.

Never do things without a reason
Big poker players don’t mind veering away from the standard every once in awhile, however, they have very strong reasons whenever they do so. While an average poker player might raise 7c 9c being in early position, as he/she’s feeling bored, a seasoned poker player would raise such a hand as he notices other players playing rather passively. In the latter case, raising such hand from an early position might turn out to be profitable even in this situation (when the hand should have been folded).

Hope these tips help you improve your poker game and register wins that can make you live all your dreams! Just like this Grandad!