Bomb Pots, Double Board Holdem, Flip and Go’s, Open-Faced Chinese Poker, Spades, Gin, Hollywood, Badugi, Badacy, Seven Card Stud, and so many more poker games to learn! Learn the wild side of poker with the Late Night Crazy Series. 

There is a new LATE NIGHT tournament in town, and it’s crazy mixed up and goofy.  The Late Night Crazy Series is a mixture of different types of poker formats, prop bets, mini-leagues, and ultimately the test tube for future charity poker tournaments at CCG poker.  

The Saturday Late Night Tournament is typically the weakest tournament time slot of the weekend. The $20 Early Bird players have played and left the building, and the Deepstack players are deep into the deepstack or trying their luck at the Lil Deep tournament.  This means the Saturday Late Night is the perfect spot for CCG to try something new… like a Bomb Pot tournament.  

Here is the tentative schedule for The Crazy Late Night Series: 
October 17th – November 7th: BOMB POT Tournament 
November 14th – November 28thth: Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) 
December 5th – December 26th: Double Board Holdem 
January 2nd – January 16th: Seven Card Stud & Seven Card Stud H/L

Do you have a suggestion, recommendation, or game that you are dying to play? Hit up Ken on social media, email, phone, text, carrier pigeon, or just stop me at the event and let me know what your crazy idea is.