What Are the Most Epic Poker Wins of All Time?
Poker arguably has the biggest highs and lows of any game out there. There are times that players feel the world is against them, and no matter what they do they can’t catch a break. There are other occasions, though, when everything just falls into place and the jackpots keep rolling into view. There have been a vast number of iconic hands over the years, along with some god-like tournament runs that have gone down in history. Here are some of the best, and why they are so good for the game.

Epic Poker Wins Inspire Players to Get Involved
The list of epic poker wins is far too long for one article. Over the years, there have been some amazing hands, and certain occasions where everyone involved has been left in complete disbelief. The great thing about poker, and a major reason why it swept the world, is that it is exciting to watch on television. The various screenings of cash games and tournaments have served to get millions of people interested. When these viewers see the action, they want to get involved as well.

This is highlighted by the way that poker has managed to become mainstream in countries all over the planet. In the past, it was mainly played in the USA. But nowadays, professional poker players come from every continent. India, for example, has emerged as one of the fastest-growing markets for poker in the world. With so many poker options in the country, review sites like www.asiabet.org have set out to assist potential (and experienced) players with guides. In addition, they even have a free Texas Hold ‘Em trial game for users to put their newfound skills into practice, another example of how the industry has catered to the poker boom in the country.
Quads Against Quads

The second-most powerful hand in poker after a straight flush is four of a kind. The chances of actually hitting this in a game are 1 in 4,165. Needless to say, when you hit such a monster, your chance of winning is almost guaranteed. This is because the chances of two players having four of a kind in the same hand are 1 in 4,823,963. So if you can’t see a straight flush draw on the board, you know you have the nuts.

However, there have been a couple of freak occurrences in which two players have got all their chips in to find they both have quads. The most famous instance of this was when Toby Lewis hit quad queens on the flop and Joe Robl went on to make quad 9s in the World Open 6. They got all the chips in when Robl made his monster hand on the river, and everyone at the table was stunned when both players revealed their cards.

Jamie Gold WSOP Win
Jamie Gold is widely considered to be one of the worst players to have ever won the World Series of Poker Main Event. The former Hollywood producer took poker lessons from Johnny Chan and Chris Moneymaker before entering the biggest Main Event of all time in 2006. This was the peak of the poker boom, and there were a whopping 8,773 participants that year.
Gold was regarded by many as one of the least-likable players in the tournament, due to his grating table talk and lack of respect for the rules of the tournament – he frequently mentioned what he was holding, something that is not allowed at the WSOP. Despite being a terrible player, Gold was exceptionally lucky and ran like a god. He took a massive chip lead on Day 4 and nobody ever got close to him. In the end, the Californian took home an astonishing $12 million jackpot.

There have been some awesome poker hands in history, and there will continue to be many more. Some other hands worth mentioning here include the time when Stu Ungar rightfully spotted a bluff from Mansour Matloubi and called his all-in bet with 10 high. There was also the astounding occasion when Chris Moneymaker pulled off the “bluff of the century” against Sam Farha in the 2003 WSOP. The amateur player had nothing but king high but managed to get the pro to fold a pair of nines.