Let’s talk about bluffing. It is an integral strategy in poker that can increase or reduce your chances of winning. For amateur poker players, bluffing is simply any form of deception during poker. However, for professionals, a successful bluff considers the opponents bet at hand, your position, and the size of the bet.

Whether you are playing in online casinos or traditional casinos, learning to make the right bluff is essential. Speaking of online casinos, you get a chance to access a wide range of games and payment methods when you go online. Sites like toppcasinobonus offer some great information on casino games and payment methods. Check it out right here. 

Below are some of the best poker bluffing tips used by pros:

Steal blinds more

Amateurs at bluffing are advised to start by stealing more blinds. You do not need to have a good hand to steal blinds. 

Stealing blinds more often requires the right players in the blinds, tight and weak. When two tight players are not fighting back in the small blind and big blind, it is time to raise your stakes.

A simple bluff can win easy money. Bluffing can get you more winnings in the long-term. A successful steal of 1.5 blinds can make a difference between a small and a big win.

3-bet light before the flop

This is another simple bluffing technique used by pros. The bluff is about re-raising before the flop using hands that are not necessarily the nuts, hence a light 3-bet.

This technique is best used when playing against two tight players and in late position. Use this technique after players have raised around the button or in a blind situation when the players are weak. 

You can also use a 4-bet light before the flop once you have mastered the art of this bluff.

Bluff raise the flop

Another bluffing tip for pros is raising the flop when the opponents bet. Raise the flop with hands that have some equity-like 98♥.

When you have the right hand, it is time to raise some of your less obvious draws. This bluff can win you more pots without affecting the progression of the game.

Double barrel scare cards

This is a bluffing tip that works well for low stakes where you continue betting the turn on all scare cards. 

When the flops come like this -7♦4♠2♥, use A♣, a double-barreled scare card. Double barrel scare cards are terrifying to opponents, and they will play their best cards because they are scared of the ace.

The double barrel scare card bluffing tip is related to the bluff raise the turn strategy. When someone double barrels you, raise them back, but when you have some reasonable equity such as a straight draw or flush draw.

Make them believe you are the weak player

Make your opponents think that you are an amateur who bets big when you have the nuts. When everybody views you as a weak player, act like a weak player so that the other players will think you are telling the truth when you bluff.

To Sum Up

The above bluffing tips are just a few tips to guide your online casino activities. Bluffing is one of the easiest ways to make a killing from your poker investment. Use the tips when playing with tight fearful players. Do not make your bluffs too obvious. Always keep your opponents guessing.