🎃 SPOOKY STACK BONUS 👻 every Friday in October:
For every entry over 50 players, CCG and the hosting charity will add a mystery envelope. Example: 53 players = 3 mystery envelopes. 65 players = 15 mystery envelopes. The drawing happens right after the close of registration. This is added money to the prize pool from CCG and the hosting charities.

What is in the mystery envelopes? 
1x Deepstack Seat
1x Early Bird Seat
1x $50 Night Owl Seat
1x $100 CASH
1x WHAMMY or a high five from Ken

How do I know what prizes will be added to the prize pool?
The Deepstack seat envelope will be entered first, followed by the Early Bird seat, and so on until we reach the whammy. If there are six seats then the cycle starts over with the Deepstack seat.***

Check out VLOG #205 for more details on the Friday Spooky Stacks.