Crazy Pineapple is just like No Limit Holdem except all players are dealt three-hole cards instead of two.  The betting rounds are the same in Crazy Pineapple, except post-flop betting. After the flop, all remaining players will discard one of their three hole cards.  Once all players have discarded a card and left with a two-card hand the betting resumes as usual with post-flop betting, a round of betting after the turn, a round of betting after the river, and then showdown…followed by grunts and moans on what each player on the table folded and how it was the right/wrong play. ? 


  • All discarded cards will not be visible to the rest of the table.  
  • All cards must be discarded face down. 
  • Players must remember to not induce action by mentioning what they folded post flop.
  • All floor decisions are final 

Crazy Pineapple Saturday nights

Click on the upcoming events tab at the top of the website and see where you can play Crazy Pineapple every Saturday Night at 8:30pm during September, October, and the majority of November of 2022. for more info on all CCG charity poker events. #ccgpoker