New player promotions for the last half of 2022.  July through December.  CCG poker and its hosting charities will give away $3,000 a month to its top tournament players, and $3,000 a month to its most dedicated cash game players.  

Any cash game player who logs 50 hours of cash game play will be eligible for the monthly cash drawing and the top five cash game players will earn a cash bonus! You must reach 50 hours of cash game time to qualify for the $2,000 giveaway, and the top five logged hours will split a bonus of $1,000. 

The top 9 points winners from each month’s tournament points list will earn a spot into the $3,000 monthly Freeroll. All final table players are in the money, and we will record the monthly freeroll at CCG poker TV studios. 

Cash Game Player Promo RULES & REGULATIONS:

Any player who plays at least 50 hours in any given month will be eligible for a drawing of $2,000 broken down to four $500 giveaways.  Super simple, play a minimum of 50 hours in a month and you get to high card for $500. The four highest cards win $500 each for a total of $2,000! Top Grinders Bonus: $1,000 bonus giveaway to our top 5 hours logged each month.  $500 to our top earner, $300 for 2nd, and $100 for 3rd, 4th and 5th!

The cash game player drawing will be the 2nd Saturday of August, September, October and November at 4pm at the VFW in Warrenville.

You must check-in at the bank in order to earn your hours. One hour earned for every hour played in a NLH cash game rounded to the nearest 15 min. Players are responsible for logging in and out at the bank. Each week you can find an updated list of how many hours you have logged. Any mistakes on the list must be brought up to CCG prior to the next weekends events.  Players may earn a one hour bonus for purchasing chips and being ready to play before the start of the event (before 2pm on Thursday – Saturday or before 12pm on Sundays).  There are no multipliers for cash game players, only the early chip purchase bonus.

Tournament Players Rules & Regulations:

The top 5 finishers from each tournament will earn points. The top 9 point earners each month will qualify for the $3K freeroll on the second Saturday of every month. In case of a tie on the points list, the tiebreaker will be the number of cashes for points.  For example two players have 20 points each. One player accumulated points from three different tournaments, and the second player won all their points from one tournament. The tiebreaker would go to player one for cashing three times vs player two who only cashed one time.

Tournament players may earn bonus points based on the location of the tournament, as well as more points for higher buy in tournaments.  Please see the Tournament Points Multiplier graph below. Any discrepancies with the points list must be brought to the attention of CCG before the next points list comes out. The monthly freerolls will work very similar to the $20K freeroll rules and regulations except there is a monthly freeroll and not one freeroll everyone qualifies for. 

The Monthly Freeroll will be on the 2nd Saturday of August, September, October, November and December at 12pm at CCG poker TV Studios. Players must register/check in at least no later than the fifth level of the freeroll. Each monthly freeroll will be for the previous month’s points list. Every one of the Freerollers will win a cash prize based on where they finish.

Please TEXT (630) 901-9797 for more information on the Monthly Freeroll location and details. 


1X Multiplier:
~Delta Marriott
~Kings Hall
~Bella Banquets

1.5X Multiplier:
~Oak Lawn
~Downers Grove
~Any New Location

2X Multiplier: 
~Tinley Park