Saturday Late Night Tournament

What is the Saturday Late Night Promo Tournament?  
We call it the “DAY SAVER!”, because this little beauty of a tournament can save you from a few bad beats taken at the table. Every Saturday at 9pm the hosting charity will run the $50 Late Night w/ $100 seats added.  For every table opened in the tournament the hosting charity will give away one $100 Deepstack Tournament Voucher.  2 table Late Night means two seats added, three tables three seats, four tables four seats… you guys get the pattern here.  The hosting charity will give away up to 5 free $100 Deepstack seats in this tournament.  If there are two free seats to be given away, first and second place will each get a seat.

Rules and Regulations of FREE seats: 
Remember that you must reserve your seat in order to us it in a deepstack tournament. All reservations are made at the bank, there is no online registration.  If you no show on your reserved seat, you will forfeit your free seat.  Only one player per tournament can use a free seat, and there must be a minimum of 11 players in the tournament in order to use the free seat.  Any questions please feel free to email or text/call 630-901-9797