Simple Tips Every Online Poker Player Should Know

Online poker is all the rage today, in part because it’s accessible and easy to play. But playing online poker well is another story. The nature of online poker is a little different than sitting around a table with the other players in front of you. With the game being a little different, we thought we’d share some tips that everyone who plays online poker should keep in mind.

Play the Player, Not the Cards

While it’s harder to see if another player has a tell when playing online, this basic rule of poker still applies. You can still find the tendencies of other players to determine who’s a fish and who’s a maniac. Then you can use that knowledge to your advantage.


Whether you’re playing online or in person, you should always be striving to learn more about poker. Before playing, read about new strategies and topics related to poker. There is a lot of information out there that can help; you just have to find it.

Write Things Down

You’ll never get away with this in an actual casino, but you can online. Keep a notebook in front of you or attach sticky notes to your monitor with strategies you want to use or observations about other players. This makes it easier to keep all of this information in front of you so you don’t forget it.

Find the Best Deals

One overlooked aspect of playing online poker is actually finding the right venue. There are countless online casinos that offer poker, each with unique features, promos, and bonus offers. Take your time to look through various casino promotions before choosing the right online casino for you. In fact, you might find a few that are worth exploring.

Stay Away from the Mouse

One of the worst things you can do while playing online poker is keep your hand attached to the computer mouse at all times. This can lead to accidental clicks or impulse decisions. Keep your hand away from the mouse while thinking and making and making a well-informed decision and then put your hand on the mouse and make your move.

Avoid Distractions

This is one of the biggest hazards of online poker. Is there a TV on in the background? Are you checking your email or using another app? Perhaps you have too many poker games going on at the same time? Just as you would in a real casino, you have to focus 100% on what you’re doing and not let distractions steer you toward bad decisions.