How to Properly and Effectively Save Your Bankroll when You Play Online Poker:
Poker is an exciting game, and having this game of cards online brings it to a whole new level. You can match your skills against some of the best in the world, from all walks of life and different cultures, and you can do it right from your home. It’s exciting – absolutely – but those who don’t have enough discipline often end up losing quickly.

A lot of people have compared the online game to the stock market: you need some luck, you need a winning strategy, and those who let their emotions run wild (about 90% of all players, it seems) burn through their bankroll quite quickly. Here’s how to properly and effectively save your bankroll when you play online poker according to the experts on Spanish online casinos at

Play within your limits
There will come a time when you have such a great hand that you believe you can bet it all. Don’t do it. There will also come times when you feel Lady Luck is on your side. That’s a feeling, so don’t do it. Be wise with your money and play only within your limits. You’re looking for long-term success, not quick gains. You want to be professional about it.

Forget your balance while playing
While playing, it’s very tempting to keep score and see how much you have gained or how much you have lost within that session. If at all possible, avoid this; one good win could lead to taking too much risk, while one bad loss could send you into a negative mood. Try to avoid getting swayed by emotion during the game; it’s better to calculate the balance after the game.

Take it seriously
Even the smallest of mistakes can matter. When accrued and compiled, a lot of small mistakes can lead to a big difference in the outcome. Take the game seriously and avoid distractions; focus on it.

Be comfortable
You have human needs, and you should never forget them. Get a comfortable chair. Have healthy snacks and drinks nearby. Get plenty of sleep before you play – and though it might be tempting, don’t drink alcohol while playing. You’re not as effective when drunk, no matter what you may think.

Monitor your emotions
If you feel you’re getting angry or too excited, pause.

Here’s one more important rule: if you’re having a bad day, don’t take it personally or think there’s something wrong with you – even the best professionals have a bad day, bad month, or bad season sometimes. The most important thing to do in such situations is to understand it, accept it, and walk away from the table until you feel better. Poker will still be there tomorrow; have fun while playing it.