2019 CSOP Event #13: The $50 TITAN
important facts:

  • June 20th – 22nd are Day 1 events
  • June 23rd is Day 2
  • at The MAX 4750 Vernon Ave McCook, IL 
  • $10,000 minimum prize pool GNTD
  • $50 buy in per entry + $5 optional add on
  • Two Day tournament over four days with multiple flights.
  • 12 flights between Day 1A, Day 1B & Day 1C:
    • Thursday 6-20-19 Flights: 2pm, 4pm, 6:30pm & 9pm
    • Friday 6-21-19 Flights: 2pm, 4pm, 6:30pm & 9pm
    • Saturday 6-22-19 Flights:2pm, 4pm, 6:30pm 9pm
    • 9pm flights may have limited seating and compressed blinds
  • 6k starting stack (with add on)
  • levels 1-5 go up every 12 mins
  • levels 6-10 go up every 15 mins
  • levels 11 and up go to 20 mins
  • Day 2 blinds will be 30 mins levels
  • the FINAL DAY starts Sunday June 23rd at 1pm
  • only the top 10% from each flight advance to DAY 2
  • everyone who makes Day 2 will be in the money 
  • you advance to Day 2 with your Day 1 chip stack
    • chips totals will be posted after each Day 1
  • Players who advance to Day 2 more than once: will combine chip stacks and receive a last place money for the spot that they have “given up”, and will play out their combined stack.
  • DAY 2 starting level: because each flight will end on a different level, to ensure stack playability Day 2 blinds will be set based on the average chip stack to have 25X big blinds regardless of what level each flight finished.
    • this is to help stack size on Day 2 regardless of your flight size

If you have any questions on the $50 Titian CSOP Event please feel free to contact CCG.poker directly through our Contact US link… just scroll down and you will see it.