You can’t say B0MB on a plane, but it’s perfectly fine in a poker room!

The BOMB Pot Tournament is part of the NEW Late Night Crazy Series from CCG poker. The BOMB Pot brings the best of the cash game world into the tournament players’ realm. Try out the Crazy Late Night this Saturday at 8:30pm.

How do you play a Bomb Pot Tournament? There is no betting round pre-flop. All players receive two cards and ante the equivalent of the small blind (if the round is 25/50 all players at the table would ante 25). The dealer puts out the flop and the crazy action will start from there! #crazylatenight #ccgpoker #pokertournament #actionpoker

8:30PM $40 ($30+$10) BOMB POT LATE NIGHT
4K starting stack with 12 min levels
$5 add on for additional 2K starting chips
Late registration until 9:45pm

The Bomb Pot Tournament will run for four Saturdays in a row: 
Saturday October 17th
Saturday October 24th
Saturday October 31st
Saturday November 7th 

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