When it comes to the history of man, gambling goes a long way back. Records of gambling can be traced as far back as the Paleolithic era. It’s no surprise that betting and wagering have evolved into being much more than a game of luck over the years. When it comes to card games, having Lady Luck watch over you isn’t enough to ensure victory; it takes natural dexterity and skill to be triumphant.

Poker is one of the several card games prevalent in today’s world, alongside rummy and blackjack. Although thousands of card games are being played all around the globe, poker is the most prominent of them all.

What makes poker so popular?

 The popularity of this skill-based game is due to several reasons. One of these is the staggering number of tournaments held every year where one can show off their card-pinching prowess. Another reason is tales of the stars who made it big by playing poker. The thought of becoming a poker champ and winning millions of dollars sounds tempting, almost mouth-watering to anyone, let alone die-hard poker fans. Not to mention, the thrill of betting it all on a round of poker is second to none. The feeling of triumph and euphoria felt when winning and shaking one’s fist in frustration when facing bitter defeat are all a part of the poker package. Facing off against seemingly insurmountable odds, using the last metaphorical ace up one’s sleeve in the final throes of defeat, turning the tables on one’s opponents, and wrestling sweet victory from their grasp is what makes poker so addictive.

While the US holds the most number of players invested in poker (in more ways than one), the rest of the world is slowly catching up. Asia, in particular, is en route to establishing its dominance in the world of poker with its ever-increasing number of players and casinos. Vietnam and Thailand are the figureheads leading the Asian countries in poker by becoming one of the fastest-growing poker hotspots. Vwin99, a leading Vietnamese casino website, reveals that poker is actually reasonably popular in Vietnam. In fact, preparations for the end of the year poker showdowns are being made at this very moment.

Online poker and its implications in the world of poker

With all recreational and business-oriented services going online, it’s no surprise that poker would join the bandwagon. With websites that allow one to engage in a quick game of poker cropping up all over, online poker has taken the world by storm! The growth of online poker is a mind-boggling 40% in the last year, which can be attributed to people being stuck indoors due to lockdowns.

One of the critical reasons for online poker’s popularity is its accessibility; all it takes to play a round of poker is a smartphone with a decent internet connection. You don’t even need to bet real money as you’d do in casinos. This means that you can hone your poker skills from the comfort of your home without worrying about losing your precious, hard-earned paycheck over a wrongly timed bet!