Every Thursday Deepstack at CCG poker is a $150 BOUNTY DEEPSTACK! $25 bounties on each player, 30K starting stacks, 20 min levels. If there is a Thursday charity poker event at CCG, you’ll be paid $25 for knocking players out in the Deepstack. Click on the Upcoming events tab to see when the next Thursday charity poker event will be or go to CCGpoker.com/events

Bounty Deepstack Details: 
$150 ($100+$25+$25) BOUNTY DEEPSTACK
6:30pm start time 
20k Starting Stack with 20 min levels
$10 add on for additional 10k starting chips
$25 BOUNTY on each player
Late registration until 8:30pm

How do bounty tournaments work? 
Each player will start with one bounty chip and is worth $25 in the Thursday night Bounty Tournament. Any time you are all in, your bounty chip will go into the pot. When you will an all-in and knock a player out, you will win their bounty chip. If and when you are knocked out of the tournament you will put in your original bounty chip, but keep any and all bounty chips that you have won. Meaning if you knock a player out, you keep their bounty chip to cash out when you are out of the tournament.