This is NOT your grandparent’s poker game.

The poker buffet of Pot Limit Omaha includes rounds of Pot Limit Omaha, Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better, and Big O. Every 8 hands the game will switch from PLO to PLO8 and then to BigO. 

Pot Limit refers to the amount a player can bet at any time.  This is not a no-limit tournament, where you can go all-in at any time during the hand.  In Pot Limit, you are restricted to the amount in the pot.  If there is only 500 in the pot, your maximum bet is 500.  Unlike no limit, the nice thing about pot limit is you can always ask the dealer what the total pot in, and what you can bet. 

Basics of Omaha: 
Players are dealt four cards, you must use two in your hand and three on the board to make your best five-card hand. If you have one spade, and there are four spades on board, you do not have a flush. Trust me we have all done this at some point in Omaha, no need to be ashamed.  

Pot Limit Omaha: 
Double the cards. Triple the action! This is a high-only game. 

Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better Hi-low: 
This is a split-pot game. In order for there to be a low hand, there must be three cards on board under a 9 (Aces are both High and Low).  The worst low hand you can make is 8xxxxx. You must have two cards in your hand under a 9 in order to make a low on a qualifying board. The pot is split between the high hand and the low hand (if there is a low hand). Players who win both the high and the low is called a scoop. 

Big O:
This is a split-pot Hi-low game where players are dealt five cards instead of four. The same rules apply to Hi-Lo. You must use two cards in your hand, and three on the board to make your best hand. 

The PLO Extravaganza will be played on Saturday nights at 8:30pm in February. For more information on the Crazy Late Night series please click here.